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I think the point of Review is that you look at ALL of your projects. If you never look at the "On Hold' ones, how do you know when to take them off hold?
I agree to an extent.
One needs to look at all the projects, but not every week! I just want to control what I see and when I see it.
Perhaps I want to look at all my projects during my monthly reviews, but during the weekend reviews I just want to see the ones that are active (flagged) and/or the ones I worked on during the week.

I am easily distracted and long lists of to-dos sort of scare me...

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But here's something you can do to see them a lot less often: When one of the projects you don't want to see comes up for review, change the review frequency by tapping on the box at the bottom to the left of the 'Dropped' X, which says:

Last Reviewed X
Review Every X X

Tapping it will bring up the Review Every picker where you can set the frequency in Days, Weeks, Months and Years. Set them for every 6 months or every 2 years or however often you want to look at the On Hold stuff.
I suppose I will have to change the review dates for these non-projects (templates, checklists, etc.) in the desktop app (so I can batch-change them), then sync, otherwise it would take for ever to do it in the iPad. There as SO MANY of them in my database (tucked inside one folder at the bottom).

This all would be a non-issue if the Flag filter was available in the iOS versions...

I will email the Ninjas about this.