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Here's my sitch: I have my (work) projects organized in folders -- one per client. Within each folder are usually 2-10 projects. In my head, these are categorized by Status as:
  • Active (moving forward normally -- these projects need attention almost daily)
  • Stuck (for some reason the client has put these on the back burner and they are not moving forward right now -- they need attention once a week or so to prod the client, follow up on something, etc.)
  • Pending (these are truly in Waiting For mode -- nothing I can do to get them moving right now. Usually there's a specific future date when I'm supposed to follow up.)

What I wanted to do was to get a list of just my Active projects. But if there are tasks that need to occur for the less-active ones, I don't want those to disappear as they will if you set a project to "On Hold (Waiting)" mode. And I don't want to have to micromanage the start dates for projects (I do enough of that with Tasks), if possible, though maybe that's a solution.

I recently tried making a Context for each of these states and dropping each project into the appropriate one. But this has two problems:
  • I can't see the tasks under the project when I'm in Context view
  • All new tasks get assigned to the default Context (not terrible, but annoying)

The obvious solution to me would be tags. If I could just tag the project with the appropriate Status, I could sort on that and get my lists just the way I want to see them. But I don't think OF can do that.

I'd love to find a simple way to handle this that doesn't screw up my reasonably functional organization by client, and that doesn't involve writing a complex Applescript, etc. if possible. I don't want to spend more time tweaking my system than doing the actual tasks in it.

Love to have your insights. Thanks.