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Hi everyone

After a fews weeks of intensive use I came to 3 conclusions
- lack of archiving makes "search" function less effective as it retrieves completed tasks as well. I have 2 meetings to animate, when I search for "meeting" tasks I currently get 50+ tasks and I have to scroll to get the one that I want.
- In term of performance I can foresee this become a problem. It may be psychological but when I launch Omnifocus it seems the database loading bar is slower than usual.
- This feature is offered by some competitors ("todo" by appigo if I remember well). Omnifocus is, though, so far above its competitors that never have I one second regretted my purchase :)

In term of implementation may I suggest at least a listbox proposing to delete completed tasks after 7, 30, 90 & 180 rolling days or never, during synchronisation step for example.