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Not having an iPhone yet, I'm afraid I can't help with the attachments problem. But I can offer two suggestions:
  • You can use Help --> Send Feedback to submit feature requests.
  • My experience has been that being rude to people who are attempting to help me generally discourages others from attempting to offer their help.

Good luck.
My intention wasn't to be rude Phil. The response to my question seemed a bit condescending and a bit offensive. I am aware that I can add attachments as a Link. Generally, I am used to posting on forums where people actually read the posts and answer accordingly. if my reply seemed rude, it was simply because the response was completely unrelated to what I was asking.

And as far as being rude to people trying to help. Again, if he had read my post and commented based on my question it would have been an honest mistake. But, the manner in which it was responded to was frustrating. It seems that some people are just too anxious to post comments without actually reading the content accurately.