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Dear Ninja Brian,

Your posted workaround does not appear to resolve the issue. :( I have a MacBook (10.5.8), a MacPro (10.5.8), and an iPhone (OS 3.0.1). Ever since I've upgraded to OF v1.7.1, I've been unable to sync among my devices. I've tried creating a new folder on MobileMe, re-building, restoring, etc..., but nothing seems to work. Furthermore, I don't have iDisk syncing enabled on either computer.

If I only use my MacPro with OF v1.7.1, everything is fine. But when I add my MacBook, my MacBook gets this error on syncing:
The remote database appears to have been reset and is no longer able to reach transaction identifiers (some string)
Then when I add my iPhone, my MacPro gives me this error on syncing:
Unable to read document. No root transactions found in
Then when I try to re-sync with my iPhone, my iPhone gets this error:
Unable to synchronize database with server. Unable to read document.
As you can see, syncing is now impossible among devices.

Please help.
I had exactly the same issue and error messages. Also emailed urgent support this morning.

One thing I discovered in the process is that the "Reset Database" function on the iPhone does not work -- its simply crashes the app and leaves the database intact.

I am running Snow Leopard on a MacbookPro and the latest iPhone OS on a 3GS.

This is wierd as syncing was working perfectly for me yesterday (I just bought the iPhone app yesterday and started the desktop trial). So I have no experience with earlier versions than 1.7.1.

I'll cross my fingers that someone figures this out quickly!

Continuing weirdness. I reset my syncing options in the OF desktop preferences. Renamed and moved the OF database on Mobile Me. Did a fresh sync from the desktop. Deleted and reinstalled on the iPhone. Sent new sync settings to the iPhone. Synced the iPhone. Lo and behold, it synced to an old database (or at least that's what I'm assuming since it has outdated entries and missing entries that are now on the desktop)???? WTF????? Where did it get that from? It does not match what is sitting on the desktop version right now, which should be what is on Mobile Me considering I removed any old versions and resynced.

[edit #2]
Got the root transactions error message again while tryig to sync the desktop. Looked at the OF file on Mobile Me and noticed all the zip files were gone and there were just a few files now. So I deleted it and resynced. That worked. Synced again -- no error message. So I deleted iPhone app and tried to sync it -- got an error message -- tried again -- it synced but showed no data at all -- just the entries in a new database from OF (how to, etc.). Synced again and voila -- back to an old outdated database! No idea where that keeps coming from but I'm hoping these posts will help the ninjas.

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