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I have the latest versions of OF for iphone 3.0 and Mac. I set up a local network on the Airport, have OF running in both places, and about 5-10% of the time, I get it to sync right away.

About 90% of the time, however, I have issues that require multiple, multiple attempts, only to keep getting:

"Unable to find sync server.
No server could be found that matches your sync settings.
Please make sure that your sync server is awake and that OmniFocus is open."

This will happen even when I've synced the previous hour and haven't changed a thing. The Mac shows up as the selected wifi.

Sometimes I'll do this 5-10 times, and the synch wheel at the bottom will spin around for 1 minute or so, and "sometimes" it will actually start to synch, but most of the time it stops and says:

"Unable to synchronize database with server.
can't find host
Cancel Retry"

Then I'll try it a few more times, and sometimes it will sync up after that. If not, then I go through the entire "send settings" drama to try and reestablish contact between the two.

Today I even had to reset everything and elect which database to wipe out in order to get them to synch. My iphone database had become disassociated from my sync database on my Mac, causing me to be unable to sync (I got mixed error msgs - "can't find server," and "need a password to enter secure site") and finally got to the question about which database I want to overwrite.

Any thoughts appreciated as to how to get consistent first-try synching.