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I have updated the code above to ver 0.3 which simplifies the customization or suppression of custom headers for each list/geeklet.

(See the new section (above) under the heading "PRECEDING THE LIST WITH A HEADER")

I have also assembled some sample geeklets which can be installed directly by double-clicking them (as long as GeekTool as been installed on your system, and you have copied the theGeekOFSQL.scpt to your OmniFocus script folder).

(See the geeklets zip attached below - note that these require installation of the script in Post 1 above)


These are pre-fabricated samples of the kind of Geek Tools shell geeklet that can be be run with the GeekOFSQL.scpt applescript.

They are not guaranteed to be useful, and are intended simply to provide a quick way of trying out the script.

Each of them displays a different list from your OmniFocus data. With the exception of the Active Selections geeklet, they do not need Omnifocus to be running.

The colors and font sizes etc may need to be adjusted for your desktop.


1. Install GeekTool from

2. Copy the script GeekOFSQL.scpt to the OmniFocus scripts folder, so that its path is:


(where ~ represents your home folder).

[Note that this is an important step, as these geeklets depend on finding the script in that location]

3. Install any or all of the geeklet (.glet) files by double-clicking them.


For reference, these Geeklets run the following commands. (The simplest way to attach or modify Geeklet commands for OmniFocus lists is, however, to run the GeekOFSQL.scpt in the Applescript script editor, and then choose the name of a Geeklet from the drop-down list).

The script can be found in the first post in this thread.

Active Selections:
osascript ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/GeekOFSQL.scpt 'Active Selections --hdr=\n' | fold -s -w 60

osascript ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/GeekOFSQL.scpt 'task where flagged=1 order by projectinfo, dateDue --header=Flagged ($N)\n' | fold -s -w 40

Next Action:
osascript ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/GeekOFSQL.scpt 'Next Action' | fold -s -w 40

Due Soon:
osascript ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/GeekOFSQL.scpt 'Due Soon order by effectiveDateDue' | fold -s -w 45

Due Now:
osascript ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/GeekOFSQL.scpt 'Due Now order by effectiveDateDue' | fold -s -w 45

osascript ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/GeekOFSQL.scpt 'In Inbox order by dateAdded --hdr=Inbox ($N)\n' | fold -s -w 40


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