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On a similar note, I think there are some other things that shouldn't appear in the "count" but currently do. (and I sent feedback to this effect):

* Items which have not started. I have a particular action that occurs every couple days and needs to be done that day. I have the start and due date set the same, and a repeat every two days - that action never disappears out of the count on the left, which is kind of annoying since I can't actually *see* the action.

* Items which are not available because they are blocked as part of a serial action. I realize there is some space for argument on this front, but I don't think I should see a count of things I can't do yet.
I have the same problem...
The solution I am using now is...
use a start date instead of a due date
mark the due date to three days after the start date (t +3)

I could work with this system... but there is another bug I found.
I cannot mark an item with a due date three days in advance if I use the
repeat from completion date
The completion date will not go beyond the repeat interval.

I am working around this by using the repeat from assigned date.
However, if I miss a week of something... I have to complete 7 days of tasks to get it caught up.

On my completed grouping, it shows I successfully completed the item 7 times, when in fact I only completed it once.