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Another thing that I noticed (maybe it's Lion thing) is that OP2 crashes on Cmd+Z. Not all the time. When I try to repeat (after app restart) what I was doing before it crashed, it seems to be fine - undo works without crashing.

I wonder if it's something that sleep may contribute to?

I'm getting to know both apps a bit more. I like the way notes for every task accessible in OP2 without going into Inspector (not as easy in M2). I can put clickable links to DevonThink documents and folders into the notes - very handy! Can't do the same in M2.

My complain about font size - this can be done by using templates and changing font size in Inspector for the whole document.

There are some minor display glitches every now and again. For example, tasks at the end of the project may overflow past the all encompassing group. I think it happened when I changed project start date to undetermined and the deleted/added few tasks inside the project. I'm not sure if that was the sequence, unfortunately, I didn't capture the exact moment when elements shifted out of place. I was able to fix it by changing to specific date and then back to undetermined.
Another one was when after creating a baseline alternate rows colours have disappeared for dates before today's. If I undo the last action, the colours go back to normal.

All these little problems leave me with a feeling of a beta rather than version 2.0.2.

Edit: forgot to mention an interesting thing - ProjectWizards seems to be a bit ahead with OmniFocus and OmniGraffle integration. I can send project right into either one using "Send to" AppleScripts provided from their website. Keeps me wondering why Omni is not providing this functionality? I can send project to OF, but it shows there as a list of items in the body of a new task created in Inbox. M2 creates a project in OF that mimics the project. Maybe I haven't found yet how to do this in OP2.
I have another 8 days of trial period left (another thing that M2 is more generous about - there is no limit on trial days, they limit you in a number of activities you can put into your project). I'll keep posting my findings here in case someone finds it useful. Hopefully someone tunes in and give a feedback and maybe show me the way around all this cons I found so far. I hope someone will.

For the record, I'm not working for ProjectWizards and not associated with them in any way. Just an ordinary user, trying to find the right product. In case someone feels that I'm trying to promote one product over another here :-)

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