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OP2 unfortunately still crashes on me regularly as well. But one of the most important things for me is that their mpp import is more correct than Merlin's. It is still not 100%, but the error in days are less than with Merlin. Also, OP2s XML export is usually more correct than Merlin's export.
I can see the graphical quirks you mention as well, the graphics engine still has some bugs I guess. Also I keep complaining to the Ninjas that a very reasonable hook is not remembered by OP2, the one for Update completion of tasks, to apply only for selected tasks, I never want all tasks updated without me manually doing it, I would lose oversight then. So every time I update a tasks for its completion, I need to set that hook, annoying!
Otherwise I have to say that OP2 just has the right amount of complexity for me, I do not need 2 constraints per start AND 2 per end date. The work time planning is done more fluently in OP2 as well, I believe.
And then of course the Apple script interface! I recently created a very beautiful Swimlane diagram in Omnigraffle by dragging out the data out of OP2 and creating shapes in OG. I learned how to do that from the script that is floating around that does the same for OmniOutliner to OmniGraffle. This way I can completely work from OP2: Get tasks into OF, get nice presentation drawings via OG.
No program is perfect, and even with the existing quirks, OP2 wins for me currently.