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Edit -- never mind. Brain failure on my part. The start date shows up by default on the iPad, and I had my Mac set to only show due date by default. I'll make a note to myself to attach my brain, for later use.

And edit#2 -- yes, weekly reviews are a good thing. And the iPad will make it quicker, easier, more pleasant, and less likely to get pushed off.
Created a new action item on the iPad with a start date, did a sync. The item appears on the Mac, but missing the start date.

The start date does show up on the iPhone when I sync.

So far, though, loving it. The review screen in particular is awesome. I've never been good about doing weekly reviews (yes, I know, I'm bad, and I've got an action item to address that); I can actually see my self using the iPad for this on a regular basis.

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