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I had never noticed the feature you mentioned in Safari. I see it only works if you click on the bookmark to go to a given page. If you type in the URL, you get the page title.

I don't really use bookmarks that much, I tend to use Workspaces & tabs in their place.
From Safari Help:

To bookmark a webpage, open the page, then choose Add Bookmark from the Bookmarks menu. You can also click the Add Bookmarks button in the address bar, if it's showing.
Type a name for the bookmark and choose where you want it to appear from the pop-up menu. You can add the bookmark to the bookmarks bar, the Bookmarks menu, or a collection of bookmarks.
To add a folder of bookmarks to the bar, open the Bookmarks Library and drag the icon for the folder to the bar. To open all the bookmarks in a folder in tabs when you click the name of the folder in the bookmarks bar, select the Auto-Click checkbox next to the folder.
If you select the Auto-Click checkbox for a folder in the bookmarks bar, then you can open all the bookmarks in the folder in tabs by clicking the folder name in the bookmarks bar.

What the Safari Help doesn't say is that when you create a set of tabs in Safari, it copies the name of each tab from the name you gave the bookmark; whereas OmniWeb disregards the shortened names you gave the bookmarks, and instead displays the l-o-n-g website name for the url, which is unhelpful when tab drawers are set to display as text. I'm simply suggesting that O/W use the names you chose for the bookmarks when displayed in a tab drawer.