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Hello there. I'm new to OmniWeb. I come from the land of Opera, since 2.0

Ive become very profficient with Opera but the one thing that annoyed me most about Opera, and the one thing that I find absolutely amazing about OmniWeb is workspaces. I could go in depth as to why I love this feature so much, but I don't need to I think.

The thing that I cant figure out so far with OmniWeb is how to setup an efficient browsing setup for primarily keyboard usage. I've become very, very used to Opera's slick keyboard-based browser ability (I hit the z/x keys in every app I use, damnit) and I really dont think I could, and know that I certainly don't want to, get used to browsing with a mouse again.

Are there a good selection of keyboard browsing shortcuts (for scrolling, selecting tabs quickly, browsing links, history navigation etc..) and/or a way to change keyboard shortcuts without the need of prefacing everything with .

Thanks for reading :)