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That's awesome! Your post helped a lot.

3) Alternating colours.
I found out that I can do this manually. So I just switched off "alternating colors" completely and did this:

a) I clicked on the very left side of the first row (selecting it)
b) while holding down CMD (Apple key) I likewise clicked on the next row I wanted in the same colour. I then repeated this with the other rows in my table.
c) finally (while every second row was selected) I went to the "Appearance"-"Color" inspector and chose a colour for all those rows.

This was actually a better solution for me than automatically having every second row coloured, because some of the rows in my table should stick together using the same colour.

4) separating lines
Yes, I know about the grid lines, but that applies to the whole table (which is nice in many cases). But I just wanted to add some additional lines here and there, in order to separate some of the rows into smaller groups.
I was thinking of some manually added bold horizontal lines. Is that possible?

5) Problems with special characters
I assume this is some sort of translation problem between OmniOutliner and the HTML document it exports. I grabbed some arrow symbols (from the MacOS character palette) which look fine in OmniOutliner. But in the HTML document some of those symbols (not all, strangely) were other symbols.

Fortunately, all that might not matter that much any longer. I was thinking of exporting my table as HTML, then further edit it to my liking in an HTML editor, but thanks to your help the original table in OmniOutliner looks almost like the way I wanted it to begin with.
Still, if you know what the cause of the problem is (and a solution) I'd be interested to know.

6) Yes, that worked! I adjusted the window width, and the next time I opened it the width was preserved.
Having logged a bug on this, does it mean that version 3 will get a bug fix some day, or does this only apply to the latest version?

I have a couple of additional questions:

7) I want to "print" several different table documents which all have the same layout. It's therefore important that each document's column width is exactly the same. By dragging the vertical gridlines left/right, and the total document width by adjusting the window's width I can adjust this, but it's not an accurate method.
Is there a "snap to grid" sort of function available, or a way I can enter/adjust the exact width in pixels by typing in the numbers?

8) I will most likely "print" the document as a PDF file (Print-PDF-Save as PDF), but I noticed that the time/date was shown (in the preview).
By selecting "OmniOutliner" from the printer setup window I found out that there an option for "Print headers and footers". By turning it off I also lost the title of my table, which I want printed.
Is there a way to turn off only the time/date?