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Hi all

I'm a new user, so please be gentle. I have searched around for an answer on this, but haven't had much joy finding one so here goes.

I am managing several projects. To get over the whole 'no multi project support' issue I have them all in one project, just as separate task groups. I have milestones in representing sign-off points, and each sign-off point has a resource group assigned to it - say 'sign off - marketing' or 'sign off - admin'.

My reasoning for this is that I want to track and change who has control over what parts of the projects. Each resource (person) lives in more than one group - say working on the design, and also being a part of the sign-off team for a specific milestone.

Herein lies my problem (and apologies for bumbling on for so long):

Is it possible to have an individual resource held in more than one group? This way I can change the members of a group, dynamically updating who has sign off over linked milestones.