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I seem to have some major troubles with my OF on my Mac. I'm not sure it they are related to my upgrade to Mac OS 10.6, but the problems seem to have started since I'm running Snow Leopard.

The problems are various:
- context menus generally don't work
- Perspectives: I can choose the existing ones, but I can't change them or add new ones
- I can't "Focus" or "Show all Projects" in any way
- I can't even customize the toolbar; I can move the existing icons with my mouse, but I can't open the "Costumize Toolbar" window. (In all other Applications this works normally)

BTW: Deleting the Pref Files in ~/Library/Preferences doesn't help.

I'm running OF 1.7.3 on a Intel Mac with OS 10.6.1 installed.

I'd be grateful for help. Thanks everyone!