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Hello i am currently trailing the software , first of all i am a Architect Builder the sort of projects i would be using omiplan for are things like barn conversions new house builds , these are quite large projects would you group say a barn conversion together into one project with all associated tasks or would you split it into a number of smaller projects . the secound question is on some tasks that say i have allowed a day for .this means 1 day with say 4 men so say my men are put in at 100 per day when i add them to the task it should say 400 for the task day however when i say try to imput the men on one task it seems to only calculate one man so instead of saying 400 for the day instead i just see 100 is there a way to add more than one person to a task and have the programe cerectly culculate the amount for the day. any help would be much appreciated.