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It would be really helpful to have OmniFocus automatically populate a Creation Date and a Checkoff Date for Actions. Particularly if these dates could be optionally displayed in columns, and used as filter criteria for the 'View' functionality.

Let me explain what their utility would be to me (I suspect others would likely find them useful).

I work *very* independently. In order to keep my management abreast of what's going on, I periodically drop a status note indicating what I've been doing, what's come up, etc. I find that there's so much going on it's hard to remember it all. If I could simply construct a 'What got done this week' perspective filtered to all things checked off in the last week and a 'What's new this week' perspective filtered to all new actions added this last week it would make this activity a snap. It would probably also help many folks as part of their weekly review to be able to see what came in and went out for them over the last week.