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I find this whole differentiation between projects and action groups makes no sense - why are they treated differently when they are the same thing? They are just a container for further projects or actions.

I realise this is more a general OF point than a specific iPad one, but the problem really comes to the fore on the iPad. This arbitrary differentiation means certain functions that should be available for both objects are only available for one.

Sequential vs Parallel - this setting should apply to both; currently you have to use a crazy workaround to change this setting for action groups
New Item creation - from the tap-and-hold menu - should apply to both, not just projects, otherwise you have to create an item and move it into position, rather than just creating it where you need it.
Move to / Select Project - unless you cut'n'paste (which seems like a UI workaround to me) you have to do two separate operations to move an item out of the Inbox and into a project's structure...

What am I missing?