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I noticed something weird when I copy and paste from OmniGraffle into Pages: sometimes when I even copy one simple shape, the resulting Pages PDF file will sometimes have the document larger than the shape, with the shape off-center. For example, if I create a red circle 0.5358cm square, it gets converted into a PDF 0.68cm square, but with the circle having a larger top and left margin compared to right and bottom margin. Furthermore, just changing something like the position and then copying/pasting will result in a new PDF being created, rather than reusing an existing PDF.

I'm not sure whether this is a Pages or OmniGraffle issue. Is it possible to change this?

EDIT: Upon further experimentation, it seems to be an issue with OmniGraffle's PDF export that's causing exported image PDFs to be off-center, as it has to do with changes in position. I also note that exporting a PDF, importing it back, and exporting it again will make a slightly larger PDF file.
I had similar (not exactly the same) problems. Easily fixed, by copying in OG (not copy as PDF) and pasting in Pages/Numbers. The copy-paste done this way is via MacOS, and it is seamless; the copy-paste via PDF is vulnerable to bugs on both sides (OG and Pages).