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Hi, I'm glad the scripts are useful.

On this, three initial questions:
  1. Are you sure you're using the right script ? (OpenProjFolderInDevon does indeed just open a folder - the one you want is OpenProjNotesInDevon)
  2. Is OmniOutliner Professional installed on your system ?
  3. Are you getting any error messages ?

Yes, I have OO v3.8, DTPO pb5, and OF 1.6.1

There are no error messages and I did run the right script. Both of the above mentioned scripts do the same thing. They create a folder for the project that is selected in OF but neither creates an OO document.

I wonder what the problem could be? I installed all four scripts and they run fine except for the "OpenProjNotes" one. Does "Omnifocus Notes" need to be the default database?

I don't know much about scripts other than how to install them.

Is there another way to create the linkback to the OF project?