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RobTrew, I just started playing with these scripts this morning and I think they could be useful to me. I do have one question that I hope you know without asking you to research and test the scripts. If not, I'll poke around and see if I can find the answer.

As is, the scripts create and/or expect to find the OF folders at the root level of the DT database. That is, if I have the following structure in OF:

Folder: 'Researcher' that contains:
Project: 'Research Project A'
Project: 'Research Project B'

Then executing the 'Save2DevonAs003' script on the project 'Research Project A' will create these new groups (folders) in the DT database:

'Research Database.dtBase2' root:
Group: 'Researcher'
Sub-group: 'Research Project A'

This organization works well if one is using a dedicated DT database (as example, OmniFocus Notes) to link to OmniFocus. What I would like to do is link to a DT group in an existing database, and group all groups and files created by the scripts to be organized in one master group. So my structure would ideally look like this:

'Research Database.dtBase2' root:
Group: 'OmniFocus Research Projects'
Sub-group: 'Researcher'
Sub-group: 'Research Project A'

So, this has been a rather wordy way of asking, can the script(s) be easily edited so that the scripts create/find everything in a user-specified group in the database rather than at the database's root level?