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I just sent a mail to Omnifocus team with this feedback. Thought i shall post it in the forums too. Just in case i missed out on a feature.

When you are viewing any action, you can collapse its note using the icon 'collapse note'. This hides the note for that specific action. The icon functionality then becomes 'expand note'. Unfortunately the icon itself does not change. And so if I have have a list of actions in a project with some of the notes hidden, i have to click on the 'collapse/expand note' icon for each of them just to see if a note exists. Since there is no way of telling whether a specific action has a note attached to it or not, I might miss out on a note because I had hid it earlier (for sake of convenient viewing). And there is no automatic way of expanding all actions within a project to reveal all the notes (Expand all in the view menu expands all projects but does not reveal notes).

There should be an option to reveal (and hide) all notes within a project. Also, a visual visual indicator that a certain action has a note attached to it (whenever that note is collapsed). If suppose a user has a project with 20 actions, and notes attached to say 12 of them, one would have to click 12 times to hide all notes to view all actions together. And then when one has to reveal all of them the user has to click all 20 expand note icons because he doesn't know which ones have notes.

I am a Ph.D. student and would be organizing my research projects using omnifocus. I would expect to dump substantial data/figures or notes to self for each action (which might be something like - complete writing section 1.1.2 of thesis, or complete figure 3.5 of thesis). I am expecting that having to manually expand/collapse each note would become inconvenient for a lengthy project like 'Complete thesis'. And in haste i might miss out on a note buried behind an action.

Thank you,
Puneet Khanna.