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i have been using OmniFocus on my Mac Pro for quite a while now (since beta days). i also had it on my Macbook, but i never actually used it there. well, last night i decided to start a Todo list for a trip to Europe next week. i had to update the version on my Macbook to 1.0.3. and i got started. after my list was made, i hit a button for syncing and selected MobileMe. i can visit my MobileMe website and see the files in my Documents folder. whew.

now i am back on my Mac Pro. i have a different database but i have completed all of the ToDo items and i would like to sync with my MobileMe account to bring in the 40 or so ToDo items. on my Mac Pro the only sync available is for iCal. i don't use iCal (Google Calendars FTW ;) ). i have looked in my MobileMe preferences and do not find anything for OmniFocus. i have selected the OmniFocus Help from the Help menu but there is not a word about MobileMe. i had a button for this on my Macbook, but no such button exists on my Mac Pro even when i edit the toolbar. i am running the latest version 1.0.3.