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It sounds like you aren't running a version 1.1 (sneaky peek) OmniFocus on the Mac Pro. Without that, you won't be able to do the syncing between computers. If you want to sync between your computers, you'll need to download and install 1.1 from to do so.

Before you rush off to do that, however, I'll warn you that it won't work as you want! The OmniFocus sync support tries to maintain a common database, not parallel ones. Your two databases are unrelated at this point as far as it is concerned. One of them will have to be wiped out and replaced with the other. The only way you can merge them is to copy the changes from one, set up syncing and get them both synced up to the other database, then paste in the missing changes. I would probably just print a list of the completed actions that will be lost, saving as PDF, and attach that to an action in the new database if you wanted to have the list but didn't want to spend much time. If you want to avoid getting real work done for a longer period ;) you can select all the completed actions you want to transfer, copy them, and paste them into a TextEdit document. Once you've got the new database running, you can then copy and paste those actions from the TextEdit document into your Inbox, assign the projects and contexts again, mark them all as completed, and call it a day. You can do the paste all at once if you click on the left margin of Inbox before pasting. If you don't click in the right spot, you'll get a single action with a bunch of lines instead of a bunch of actions. Did I mention that I'd probably just print the list? :)