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Hi guys,

As an architect I got a lot of projects for omniplan :)

It includes of course classic project planning.

But I plan to implement some right click linking of 3D model parts directly from maya.


I want to create a little script to RECORD the task I am doing on my computer.

Example: Foundation works: start at 8.00 today ended at 11.30

I am planning to do that through applescripts.

Actually I succeed in creating a task from a script, change it's name or duration.

But I failed in effectively changing it's "starting date"

The actual start seems to be modified in the task information panel but it do not update the calendar view.
And the modification is buggy, as soon as I want to go to the ressource panel i got the following alert:*** -[NSCFDate dayOfCommonEra]: selector not recognized [self = 0x52539c0] wich appear and appear again in such a way i got to force quit.

here the applescript I wrote:

property ATime : date
property BTime : date
property CDuration : 4
property ADur : 4
property BDur : 4

tell application "OmniPlan"
set CTime to (current date)
set myDoc to front document
tell front document
-- set Myself to make new resource with properties {kind:person, efficiency:2, name:"Tom", cost per hour:200.0}
--set MyTask to make new task with properties {name:"Cure Cancer", starting date:CTime, duration:CDuration}
--assign MyTask to Myself
set ADur to duration of task "Cure Mat"
set duration of task "Cure Mat" to 12
set BDur to duration of task "Cure Mat"
set ATime to starting date of task "Cure Mat"
set BTime to current date
set starting date of task "Cure Mat" to BTime
set BTime to starting date of task "Cure Mat"
display dialog ADur & " " & BDur & return & ATime & return & BTime as string
end tell
end tell

Any clue?

PS: please ask if you want some more details on my goal. I am trying to do something like "timelog" do.