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I expected this to be a simple thing to do - control the style of text in column 2 (and 3, 4, etc) and have it override the style of rows in column 1. But, I can't seem to do it. What am I missing?

As a side note:

I'm spending a few days trying out various writing/outlining/brainstorming programs and, so far, styles are the most frustrating aspect of OO.

Here's an idea: You know that little style window where you can globally adjust styles (in theory) for "All level 1 rows", "All level 2 rows", etc? It'd be great if the user could use that window to drag those style categories up and down, thus adjusting their hierarchy.
It'd be kind of like in video and graphics apps (after effects, final cut pro), where you apply multiple plug-ins to the same pieces of media. What's important is the render hierarchy - which plug-ins get rendered before others. And you adjust that hierarchy by dragging the plugins up and down.

So, for example, if I wanted a particular Column's style to override all the "...rows" I would just drag it up (in that global style window thing) so it's higher than those other style categories.

And if I wanted to override my chosen hierarchies (break my own rules) I would have to go in and highlight specific text (or rows or whatever) and change those styles individually .

Maybe OO should have never introduced columns to begin with (though I'm glad it did, in theory) because it requires working outside of the "outline" philosophy (parent/child, hierarchical relationships).
The thing is, once you create second column of info, the content in that column is not in a parent/child relationship with the content in the first column. It's in a parallel value relationship. It's an equal. So it needs to be treated as such.

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