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I went to my webdav folder and renamed the OmniFocus.ofocus bundle to OmniFocus-backup.ofocus, and then synced OF on my mac. When that was done, I went to my iphone and synced from there, choosing the "From Server" option when prompted.

After that, the second syncs on both my mac and iphone took longer than they should, but did finish (mac took about 30 sec, iphone took about a minute or two). Since the 2nd syncs, the time they take to sync is less than 5 seconds for small amounts of change, on both devices. (This is with a db of 167 KB vs the old 831 KB version).

Whatever's going on, it has something to do with the syncing process, since that seems to be leaving the remote (iDisk/webdav) copy fragmented or something. Maybe the desktop app should be changed to occasionally do a complete re-upload.