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[While I wrote this, Ken posted the above post]

I have the same problems. Loading and syncing takes several minutes.

I had a look at my Mac's .ofocus file and noticed that it was about 3mb.
Some people at the forums thought this was really large so I ran the "CoalesceDatabase.scpt" script file supplied by Omni in one of those threads. It took the db size down to 1.2mb. No speed change in on the iPhone though.
Following this thread I checked the size and nr of files inside the .ofocus file on MobileMe and it was 1.7mb and contained 499 files while my iMac had 39 files. Something weird is definately going on with the nr of files here.

Ok so now I try the remove MM .ofocus file and resync with a fresh one from the iMac. There is still a lot more than 39 files in the online version compared to the stationary version. After several failed attemps and finder crashes (OSX does not like me to do file chores on my iDisk through finder, I had to use MM webclient at one point to delete the .ofocus file. Cloud version is now 1.1mb. Syncing is pretty much just as slow on iPhone.

Inside my iMac's .ofocus package there is one big file of 1mb. the rest of the 38 files are tiny. Whats that?

Even if I change nothing and resync on the iPhone it takes the same amount of time to sync. Is the sync not differentiental?

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