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Recently, Vimeo videos stopped working for me in OmniWeb 5.11.2, both embedded and on the Vimeo site:
  • Embedded: clicking the play button would result in "Ooops! Something broke. Please try again later." appearing in the video frame.
  • Vimeo site: clicking the play button would just display a key frame image.
Switching to Firefox or Safari became my workaround ... until today.

I decided to visit this forum to see whether others were experiencing the same behavior. Comments in an old OmniWeb 5.11 Sneaky Peeks thread encouraged me to experiment with various settings.

I eventually found the way to get Vimeo working for me on 10.6.8:
  • No browser spoofing -- just plain "OmniWeb".
  • Click the tiny "Switch to Flash" link below a video on the Vimeo site.
  • Refresh an embedded video page after switching Vimeo to use Flash.
Here's the video I've been using in my testing:I'm happy to have Vimeo videos working again, but I'm disappointed that Flash is working and HTML5 is not. Sigh.

-- Ward

P.S. It's interesting that the Vimeo site offers Flash/HTML5 switching in Safari 5.1.7 but not in Firefox 15.0.1.

P.P.S. Speaking of Playing for Change, check out the great Playing for Change Day video from Playing For Maine | Maine Academy of Modern Music on YouTube.