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I don't understand your "one reference for my calendar" comment. The Forecast view will show items in your calendar along the bottom of the screen if you configure it to do so. True, it does not allow you to edit all of the details of those items. Looking at my upcoming calendar through the Forecast view, I see among other things:
  • reminder of anniversary of death of childhood friend
  • "appointment" to listen to an internet radio program
  • Father's Day
  • Meeting of my son's "electronics club"
  • My spouse's school board meeting

Also in that view, I see OF actions starting and/or due on each day in the next week. Nowhere do I see "untimed todo stuff cluttering the calendar", nor do I see actions which do not have a date associated in some way.

It sounds to me like you need to try the OF 1.3 for iPad Forecast view changes...just bring up the Forecast view and tap the eyeball icon to adjust the view options. There's no unwanted clutter, though I sometimes wish I could discern whether an event shown is "busy" or "free" without bringing up the inspector. In any case, it is your best option if you are willing to get out your iPad or iPhone.