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I've been playing with OF on iPad, and like some of the concepts that forecasting has… And also I like some of the stuff that's going on with "publish due reminders as a calendar". But I have a suggestion about how this stuff might work better.

It is VERY common for me to have a sequential project that might look like this

1)Do research for meeting (context specific… not set time)
2)Go to meeting (MUST happen on certain day at certain time)
3)Send client follow up paperwork (context specific again)

The way I do this now is I'll put them all into OF, and then also put a DUPLICATE of the meeting into iCal.

I would love to be able to sync the TIME specific stuff to iCal at it's specific time. With forecast I could theoretically use Start at the time the meeting starts and Due at the time that the meeting finishes. But this really seems clunky to me. And of course, there's still the issue that it is only accessible on the forecast view on the iPad, which I rarely have with me.

Curious to hear if anyone can second this feature request… Or perhaps has a good workaround for me?