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actually a bit of thought would reveal why you need both. (ah, the eternal problem with Dogma).

The GTD concept is that the only things that go on the Calendar are things that MUST happen on that date (versus things that you'd *like* do to on a specific date -- note the different classes of datapoints). The idea is that the more "stuff" your brain see's in such an arrangement, the less weight each individual datapoint will have in your brain. The less weight, the greater likelihood of dropping the ball on all the datapoints in that view.

However, each one of those Hardlandscape datapoints still need to be seen in the overall context of "the project". Why?

Here it is: because if you don't, YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR WHOLE LIST IN YOUR BRAIN WHILE YOU LOOK AT YOUR CALENDAR FOR THE CALENDAR TO FULLY MAKE SENSE. And the idea of GTD is that your brain doesn't have to keep track of things, just relax and do what it's good at - dreaming, coming up with ideas, thinking about lunch, etc.

You'd just have 2 different views of the same datapoints, one with a Blocked Display (showing only specific things) and one with an Outline display - but both have value (which is why so many people keep on asking for this feature - we're not all crazy you know).

For more background on this and other datapoint communication issues, see the wonderfully dense and entertaining (at least to me and my kind) series of books : The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

It's great and really helps understand these things. It also has a chilling explanation how a different display of datapoints at NASA could have prevented the Challenger Disaster - this stuff can have very heavy consequences indeed.