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I have often thought the same question, and have grumbled at OmniOutliner every time I run into it.

Yes, in the menu File : Print there is a checkbox for "Print Row Handles", but does it stay unchecked for a given document? Noooo, you have to remember to uncheck it every time you request a print. And half the time I forget.

So I agree there should be a Preference for Print Row Handles, and it should stay with the document, or stay for all documents.

OmniOutlinerPro, 3.10.3, OS X 10.6.8

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G'day all,

I use omnioutliner for just about everything that isn't LaTex.

The row handles are fundamental, and I like having them, but they don't look good on printed output. I'd love to know how to change the default print setting

Print row handles

to not be checked. I don't seem to be able to set this (or unset it) anywhere?

Is it possible... would it be a feature request? Could it at least remember the last chosen setting?