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Hey thanks for those tips on that inspector panel. I've played with them before and tried a few more variations tonight in combo with linked/embedded placed images, but still not getting any real difference in the file size. It just looks like the program doesn't actually make any real difference on how it handles the placed images (linked or embedded). My only other hunch is to pay more attention to the native image sizes when size matters. Also, oddly, the PDFs are larger than the Omni, I don't see an obvious way to set/check the PDF rendering for it.

As far as hosting/drop box solution, yes, of course, though I've not tried dropbox. I had a wicked disaster with half a client on Basecamp years ago! Ha. Like I said, I'm often providing my files via FTP and or host live prototypes, but there are plenty of times I'd rather not do that. I work for many different companies, often all at once, and they come with a whole mix of different issues/solutions/knowledge (and me trying to keep that straight). There's definitely been clients where any thing but email is too complicated. And there's plenty of times where I just want to bang out a sketch and send it...

For me, it's just Omni files are very large compared to anything I'd expect out of InDesign, for example.