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Hi - I have been using Omnifocus for just about a year, but have been trying (and struggling :) ) with GTD for 7+ years.

One thing I'd like to get set up is a daily email, sent while I sleep, to my inbox, that sends a simple summary of my OF project list and inbox. I want a quick summary that I can use to get a quick view of near term due dates, any recently added projects, recently added items in inbox, so on. Ideally this would be a report that runs automatically and just shows up in my email inbox first thing in the morning. For various reasons it usually works better for me to quickly scan an email than OF itself.

I see numerous likely scripts discussed here in the forums that I could probably tweak a bit to pull the type of data I'm interested in, but I wondered what people would recommend to use - are there any clear leaders in terms of scripts that are used broadly? I don't have any experience with applescript, but have a long background in unix, so something using a common unix-y scripting language would be straightforward for me to work with. What do folks recommend?

An additional wish - are there any methods to enable this sort of script that don't rely on having to run from a computer with OF installed? I guess what I'm wondering is if there's a way to run scripts against the Omnisync server and access my data that is stored there. Basically I'm wondering if there is any sort of webservice api to the OF data. For me - and I am probably different than other people - this would be an easier way to get at my data (access to lots of various unix server accounts, but my laptop and desktops are usually shut off at night)

Anyway - i'd welcome any folks suggestions. Thank you!