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Apparently OF thinks that I have an old version of MailTags installed on my Lion system. I am attempting to enable Mail rules but get a pop up error message, "Failed to install Mail rule."

MailTags versions up to 2.2b5 disables the creation of Mail rules via AppleScript, preventing enabling or editing of the OmniFocus Mail rule. If you are running this version, please uninstall MailTags, relaunch Mail, and try this again (at which point you can re-install MailTags).

I tried manually searching for what needs to be removed to uninstall MailTags per the instructions here:

But I couldn't find any traces of MailTags to remove.

I then installed MailTags v3 thinking that any old traces would be upgraded. I now have MailTags v3 installed on trial and I'm still getting the above error about "2.2b5."

At this point, I essentially unable to fully use the Mail rule functionality with OF.

Please advise and I appreciate anyone's reply in advance.