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Hi chaps,

This seems as if it should be simple, but I'm baffled. I'm using OmniGraffle Pro 5.2.3.

What I want to do: - I've measured out a plot land of irregular shape, and with irregular angles. I want to draw this shape to scale in Omnigraffle. I have the lengths of all the sides measured accurately.

What I am trying do: I'm drawing lines of the correct length in Omnigraffle. I them want to keep their lengths fixed as I change the angles to get them all joined up.

What I am finding: There is no obvious way to have the length of line displayed and keep it fixed as you drag one end-point about at different angles. Once lines are joined up, any indication as to length seems to disapear completely. Combined, this makes a simple task impossible.

Any tips? Anything I'm missing, before I revert to graph paper, pencil and ruler?