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After a day with OnmiPlan I'm pretty happy and not bummed that I didn't go with Merlin. I'll post again at the end of the project, we'll see if I still feel the same.

I have a "resource" (you people are cold!) who's task list I want to export every day and email to him as an html page (or post to server, irrelevant).

Exporting HTML Task List or Resource List with a filter on "Resource is Fred" exports everyone's tasks. I don't want to confuse poor Fred with hundreds of other tasks for other people.

How do I export just for Fred? Looking at the tokens in Help, I see loops, project tokens and lots of good stuff, but how do I tokenize Fred so I can throw him in his own separate template? I can't seem to create FredsCustomTaskTemplate either, what gives?

Update: If I export tasks for Fred into CSV, it outputs only his tasks, which is what I want. That's a kludge though, I want the sexy HTML that I can style with my branding

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