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After a day with OnmiPlan I'm pretty happy and not bummed that I didn't go with Merlin. I'll post again at the end of the project, we'll see if I still feel the same.

I have a "resource" (you people are cold!) who's task list I want to export every day and email to him as an html page (or post to server, irrelevant).

Exporting HTML Task List or Resource List with a filter on "Resource is Fred" exports everyone's tasks. I don't want to confuse poor Fred with hundreds of other tasks for other people.

How do I export just for Fred? Looking at the tokens in Help, I see loops, project tokens and lots of good stuff, but how do I tokenize Fred so I can throw him in his own separate template? I can't seem to create FredsCustomTaskTemplate either, what gives?

Update: If I export tasks for Fred into CSV, it outputs only his tasks, which is what I want. That's a kludge though, I want the sexy HTML that I can style with my branding
Sorry about this, there's a bug with the HTML export filters in OmniPlan 1.1. We're looking into the issue.

In the mean time, what you can do is export to OmniPlan instead of HTML first because the filtering works when you export to OmniPlan. Once the new file is created, export that to HTML and you should be good to go.