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After working with the app a bit more, here are some other things:

- Have the color for group bars be in a different color (darker tint perhaps), make them easier to distinguish. MS Project does groups in black, tasks in blue, which is rather strident, but it helps. I'd like to be able to set these on a universal as well as individual level, just as I can change different level colors in OmniOutliner. There doesn't appear to be a way to do this in Plan right now.

- Make the left pane less aggressive at snapping shut. I may want only one column (eg Status) to show up, right now it slams closed before that point

- Column headings for such things as Notes, Violations, Status etc would be useful on the left pane, otherwise difficult to know what you've got there. Some indication of the number and width of columns, either with dividing lines or alternate column shades would help also.

- Show dates in Month-level view, along with Month name (related to my request for month names in the quarter view). IMHO there really needs to be two levels of detail here, perhaps one on top of the other or some other clever way you can figure out that doesn't eat precious vertical pixels :)

- A quick top-level method of showing/hiding the names of tasks on the taskbars themselves would be nice. I like having those there a lot as they avoid ping-ponging back and forth from left to right panes, but sometimes they get in the way. I'm thinking along the lines of "show/hide invisibles" in word processors.

(I've made several comments about aesthetics here, so let me just say this: I really like the minimalist visual approach you're taking with the app, as most of the planning apps are god awful looking and are just plain unpleasant to sit in front of. Don't change that. But a bit of extra detail, applied with the Edward Tufte-an philosophy of "the smallest difference that shows a difference" would help out in certain areas.)