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1. OK, got it. I was trying through the Style Attributes panel, obviously that's a on-off thing
3. Beta 4, downloaded about 4 days ago I think
5. I know, I'm just being lazy and want a shiny button on the front :)

The reason for harping on easily switching on/off the names of tasks in the Gantt pane is that I find it useful to have as much information density as possible there, per user preference. This allows running full-width, without having to keep the left pane visible all the time. Kind of like running Photoshop without panels visible - it keeps you focused on the task and gives as much screen real estate to it as possible. People running projects tend to have a lot of distractions (IM, email, phone, other files open demanding attention) so anything you can do to strip that away and give an undisturbed look at their project is valuable.