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One feature that I've actually wanted from WinIE, for the longest time, is full-screen mode; with broadband we're finally starting to get more immersive web sites, kinda back to the 'interactive CD-ROM' days! :)

Anyway, this is one of the features Saft gives me in Safari, and things were OK for a while with OmniSaft, but it was v4-only. :(

While OG consider whether this is a worthwhile feature, you can get it by installing Ian Henderson's Megazoomer which inserts itself into the Window menu of your apps, and will quickly hide the menu/dock and zoom the active window to full screen.

It's a SIMBL plugin and at v0.3, so if you get a bit antsy about alpha/betas and these sorts of system extenders, I guess it's not for you (they've been harmless in my experience.)

When full-screen, the menu bar auto-shows (like dock auto-show/hide) and your app's toolbar remains (but you can hide that in the normal way for a given app, if you want.) The other nice thing is that window drawers work properly -- with OW go to full screen then hit the Tab Drawer button and the full-sceeen window narrows just enough to show the drawer (and hiding the Drawer it will return the window to full-width.)

It's effective, and works better than Saft in Safari, which reloads the page, whereas megazoomer literally resizes the window in question.