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I believe that's correct, Brian.

The items in 1.6 had NO due date. The system worked perfectly.

When I first launched 1.7, the items DID have a due date as well.

After switching them all from "Due Again" to "Start Again", they now say "Next Due: None" and seem to work fine.

But...are you saying I'll have to switch them all back again?

(Sorry I wasn't around to help troubleshoot the sneakypeak beta builds.)

Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Sandy, do the affected actions have a start date (but no due date)?

If so, it sounds like you hit a bug we discovered late in the sneakypeek - 1.7 imports those actions (start date, no due date, set to repeat after completion) incorrectly.

If that describes the actions you were having trouble with, I'll add a note to that item in the development database so the team knows you hit this. Sorry for the inconvenience it caused.