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Hello Guys,

First off the good, I love OmniFocus, as someone who is diagnosed with ADHD and who used to have very big problems with processing information and organisational skills, I've used GTD/OmniFocus to great effect and the results have quite literally been life changing. I'll save all that for a future post.

But the upgrade to 1.7 has been the biggest ball ache for me today.

And what really surprises me is the lack of documentation or warning from Omni, something I just don't expect from you guys.

First, custom toolbar gone. No biggy I thought, skitch screen shot and add the icons back to the specific perspectives.

Then I realised only around half of my Perspectives had been imported, after searching around on the forum I found this: -

And added my perspectives back in and they simply don't behave how they did previously and as someone else has mentioned on here: -

* Focus
* Layout
* Expansion
* Selection
* Settings from a Context mode perspective:

What are these features, what do they do, I've been playing all day and am still not sure for certain.

The way the Inbox perspective interacts with my other perspectives now is just baffling and has really effected my workflow, to explain my issues would be really difficult via the medium of text in a forum and just as tricky to explain to the awesome support ninjas.

I do my weekly review on Sunday and this is the first time in about 2 months I've missed it and feel resistance to doing it, a real shame.

I'd say it took me around 6 months to feel totally comfortable with OmniFocus and have my Workflow exactly as I wanted it. And what's more I f***king love it.

Now I feel I'm back to square 1. :-(

One final note, I have a group of single actions that repeat every day, basic daily tasks such as "30 minute walk", "Process email to zero" etc, I had the repeating actions all to become available the next day after completion. After upgrading these all defaulted to simply "repeat every day after completion". A small fix to change all the actions to "start again 1 day after completion". But a heads up warning would've of been nice.

I really want to revert back to the old version but as I've made edits in 1.7 now, 1.6 simply crashes on every launch. I could revert back to a time machine back up from August 23rd (I back up every 7 days), but then would lose my current changes/database over the past week.

Finally what really irks me, is this is so Un-Omni like, I've trusted my whole life to this app and have reaped the rewards, this is a real kick in the teeth, especially as I have an exam within the next 10 days, so this a really bad time for me.

</end rant>