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I think a big part of the problem was that Apple decided to ship Snow Leopard earlier than expected. Omni had some Snow Leopard compatibility changes that needed to go out, and the thinking was probably that there was plenty of time to put out a good 1.7 release with them, a bigger list of new features, polished documentation, etc. When Apple suddenly announced that Snow Leopard was going to ship at the end of last week, that plan, uh, changed :-) Personally, I think it might have been better to do a 1.6.2 release with only the SL changes and let the 1.7 sneaky peek process continue, but it's easy being an armchair would you do on your exam if you found out today that it's actually tomorrow, not in 10 days?

You need to find a copy of 1.6.1, not 1.6, which has a known incompatibility if you've got any custom icons with your perspectives.