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Curt, you are truly the honorable sleuth! I respect your apparent discipline, persistence and diligence. It benefits us all. Your explanation of the restore feature is the only coherent one I've noticed.

However, I still ache from the homework that OF appears to require. I believe I understand the View Bar, and have created numerous perspectives (though was bummed by the way that all my perspectives icons vanished the second time I launched the OF update).

But I have yet to really leverage the view bar and perspectives into a replicable routine for truly GTD. I currently have 793 actions recorded, 89 contexts, 236 projects and 18 perspectives.

What happened? They multiply like topsy.

Part of my difficulty lies in 2 issues. First, many of my actions are paper dependent. I'm separately working on a way to organize my files and documents, and align OF tasks in some way with their corresponding reference/work papers.

Second, to borrow a concept from evolutionary economics, the choices one makes in implementing GTD, both digitally with OF and physically with paper files, is highly 'path dependent'. Roughly put, the path one takes and the choices that subsequently emerge both evolve as a consequence of prior choices made and are constrained by them.

More bluntly, I do believe that OF is so powerful that it will take you exactly where you tell it to. That's its power and that's the problem.

Pertinent metaphors here are "blind alley" and "painting oneself into a corner".

Oh, of course, I know I've strayed from orthodoxy and the code enforcers will be on my back! There ain't no potatoes; the frost done killed the vine.... {cheers:}

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