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I had been assuming that that X just hides the bar. I wonder if that little X would make more sense as a "looping back" arrow like the circular icon in iTunes that takes you back to the currently playing song.
That's interesting, paulduv. Safari uses a similar "loop back" icon (colored orange) in the Google search field for the SnapBack feature that returns you to your original Google search results.

The X icon, on the other hand, is usually used to indicate the clearing or removing of data. The most obvious examples are search fields, where clicking the X icon clears the current search terms.

For me, the purpose of the X icon in the view bar was immediately clear because it looked just like the "clearing" X icon in search fields -- it felt very natural.

So I think arguments could be made either way. Does the view bar button "clear" the current filter settings or does it "return" you to your original filter settings?