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If, like me, you find it helpful to install applescripts on the OF toolbar, find crashing disconcerting, and would like to see this issue (and the general launching of applescripts from the toolbar) fixed, do use Help > Send Feedback in the OF menu, and let the OF development team know ...
Maybe it's just my background as an O/S and networking engineer speaking, but I've always considered any bug that causes a program to crash when presented with well-formed input or proper operation to be a bug that has a very high priority for fixing by default. I can see lowering that priority if the crash is caused by a truly unusual set of events or actions or the fix is too destabilizing, but in general, more people will suffer from a crasher than will report it, and one so easily reproducible ought to be fixed at least to the point where no crash takes place, and any reduced functionality documented. In my experience, the unspoken feature request at the top of everyone's list is "Program should not crash!"