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I changed the growl settings (in the growl preferences pane in System Preferences) so that notifications for Available, Due Soon, and Overdue stay on my screen indefinitely, and that clicking on them notifies OmniFocus... things become available for action (or require immediate action) I get a notification, and if it is something quick, I can do it and click on the OF icon in the notification to go directly to the item in OF and mark it off.

I hadn't realized that clicking the growl 'alert' in different ways/places (potentially) had different results depending on your settings. I thought the only clickable part of it was the 'close button'. After reading your post and tinkering a bit I've figured out that when you click the body of the alert, it will (potentially) take you to a new OF window with the action or project in question selected. I believe that what prompts this is the somewhat generic checkbox "Inform OF when a notification is clicked." Is that correct? So if that is not checked, when you click on the alert, nothing happens other than the alert disappearing. But if that box is checked, it opens a new OF window as described. It doesn't, under any configuration, actually check off your action (etc.) in OF. Right?

Thanks for taking the time to post how you use it. I've been wanting to utilize it more, but it's nice to not to have to start from scratch.